Consultancy services Offered:

Proper - Consult (T) Ltd. offers consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Valuation of Fixed Assets:
    We undertake physical verification and condition assessment of all types of fixed assets. This is normally followed by the valuation of the assets for a variety of purposes, including the following: Accounting / Balance Sheet; Rating; Rent assessment; Mortgage; Purchase or Sale; Compulsory Acquisition (Compensation assessment); Investment Appraisal; Liquidation; Divestiture; Preparation of prospectus of companies slated for listing (IPO) on the Stock (Exchange) Markets. The type of assets valued include land and buildings, specialized plant & machinery, furniture and equipment as well as transport assets such as motor vessels and motor vehicles.

  • Land Administration:
    Including acquisition of title deeds, land registration, conveyancing/ transfers or land ownership, conversion and variation of terms of Right of Occupancy, land assembly, parcelling and subdivision etc.

  • Estate Agency:
    This includes acting as agents for acquisition or disposal of property and leasing of premises on behalf of principal, selling and buying of real estate developments.

  • Land Use Management:
    Issues covered here include the following; Planning and implementing land development schemes with a view to making the highest and best use of the available land; Development appraisal; Planning and execution of urban renewal projects; giving advice on land rights and Preparation of sustainable land resource development / utilization projects.

  • Business (Company Valuations):
    This includes financial analysis and valuation of financial assets / investments for various purposes including company divestiture; liquidation; mergers; acquisitions; takeovers, listing on the stock exchange, determination of RPI-X indices for tariff settings for regulated utility concessions, etc.

  • Property Management:
    Advising landlords on the planning and best use and management of their real estate investments including, refurbishment, tenant selection, optimal marketing strategies, tenancy and lease management including rent collection and cleaning and general management of single and multi tenanted office / commercial complexes.

  • Due Diligence:
    Due diligence implies “being alert and careful, taking all reasonable measures to avoid unplanned risk exposure”. Clients who normally wish to access this service are potential (foreign) investors wishing to invest in entities advertised for divestiture. Such investors would be normally be availed with a prospectus comprising data on the opportunities on offer, but a prudent investor would wish to cross check this information to ascertain its accuracy and reliability before making his irrevocable bid. He would also need to have such other additional information as might be deemed relevant (e.g. various legislation) but which may not have been included in the advertised firm`s prospectus. Proper-Consult has expertise to handle such highly exacting assignments.

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